EXL Business Accelerator provides mentorship, access to investors, and other forms of support to emerging companies in order to help them grow, become sustainable and independent businesses.

Surrey Business Networking Group

Who Are We.

We at Business EXL know how hard it is to build a next generation business or start-up from the ground up. There is no point in reinventing the wheel when it comes to tried and true techniques that complement your approach.

This is where we come in.

If you are a new business or start-up with an innovative approach at solving today’s hardest problems, we want to help you with our technology, business and group expertise.

Langley Business Networking Group
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Don't hustle by yourself, join the collective. Get help from SMEs and access to the resources to grow your business or start-up in no time.

Our Events.

Feb 7th Event

Langley, BC

1 Guest Speaker

Lot of Networking Opportunities

Mar 7th Event

Surrey, BC

1 Guest Speaker

Lot of Networking Opportunities

Meet the Team.

Sunil Khatri, Founder of Meshroad Marketing

Sunil Khatri

Founder & Organizer

Bhuvan Sharma

Bhuvan Sharma

Meeting Host

Roger Rampuri

Roger Rampuri

Guests Host

Abhi Singh

Abhi Singh

Event Videographer

Words from Experts.

How to get the most out from a networking event!

How to Really 10X Your Business in 10 Months!

How recognizing your employees can result in a massive growth!

Vancouver's Business Accelerator

We help your Business Grow with Experience, Private & Govt. funding & Networking.

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